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Fit for independent reading? @ Large, a Hip-Hop Manga by Ahmed Hoke

What happens when satire and social commentary fail to internalize in the audience the way the author likely hoped for? For example, what happened when less critical viewers misinterpreted skits on Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central? What about MTV’s Beavis … Continue reading

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Blokhedz: created by the MadTwiinz, Mark and Mike Davis

Nevermind the corporate synergy at work for Gatorade here – just watch this preview: Trying to find a consistent link or updated information on Blokhedz (WARNING – my browser warns of viruses from this link) has proven difficult. However, getting … Continue reading

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Sentences: The Life of M.F. Grimm – written by Percy Carey; illustrated by Ronald Wimberly

“Hey no bullshit man, that was a good book.” I simultaneously grimaced and grinned as one of my less academically inclined 9th grade students handed me back my latest copy of this title – the second one I’ve purchased over … Continue reading

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