Thanks, Unemployed Man! You’re saving the day!

Unemployed Man

Unemployed Man really understands the needs of teachers and students in these hard times!

Back in November, I enjoyed and discussed Origen & Golan’s The Adventures of Unemployed Man: a timely commentary on just about everything that is timely.  I knew the authors were real when they responded to e-mails discussing my take on their book.  Little did I realize that Unemployed Man is real, too!  You heard that right, folks!  Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman … all just figments of your imagination.  Clearly, Marvel, DC, Vertigo, and all the other publishers out there are just fooling us into believing in false prophets.  I know Unemployed Man is real, and he’s reaching out to my students!  How?  By providing the single best resource that you can give to an English teacher or a library … a donated copy of his own book!  He’s a true superhero for the year 2011 and beyond!

Unemployed Man got some immediate love from a few of my students late last Fall – even during finals time and the end of the semester, but again, never did I consider that a satirical superhero might really exist.  I mean, I’m creative and I daydream too much, but I’m realistic.   I didn’t think that a modern day hero would take into consideration school budgets, cash-strapped teachers, and the need to put timely books into the hands of excited students.  So, Unemployed Man, myself, our media specialist, and Anthony (below) all thank you!  Keep on fighting the good fight, and we’re hoping for a sequel!


Anthony enjoys this unique take on modern society in graphic novel format

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