Discovery Channel sees the potential too!

Top 10 Deadliest Sharks

Come December, The Discovery Channel will publish a new volume boasting “10 stories based on real events” surrounding everyone’s simultaneously favorite and most feared sea creature: sharks!

Published by Silver Dragon Books, this new product aims to capitalize on the popularity of Discovery Network’s cult favorite Shark Week, a common staple of many childhood shark fascinations as well as college students aiming to find an excuse to drink.

USAToday notes that “In addition to Sharks, upcoming titles in 2011 will include a dinosaurs-themed story, an Animal Planet-branded book and a few other topics based on Discovery shows that are still in development.” Additional preview pictures are also found at USAToday.

This is yet another indication that comics and popular culture are unmistakably linked and that your classroom – no matter what subject area or age group – will benefit from using graphic texts in any capacity.

It also means that JAWS may be on the loose again …


About marcginsberg

I teach high school English in Athens, GA. I read graphic novels and catch live music whenever possible. I walk my dog Humphrey and kid myself that I'm a distance runner.
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