What would John Dewey do?

I decided that my own butchered comic format would best make my point here.  I made this comic using Plasq’s ComicLife program.

John Dewey from "My Pedagogic Creed" (1897)

Dewey, J. (1897). My pedagogic creed. New York: E.L. Kellog & Co.

This quotation has always made perfect sense to me. It boils down to student engagement and not requiring your students to (always) conform to your demands and preferences as their teacher. Rather, successfully teaching students demands that instructors find ways to make instruction engaging by appealing to more than just the more privileged, traditional learning or presentation styles.  What better method exists to further develop a student’s capacity to visualize complex texts and events than to present them with graphic texts that provide a visual to stimulate critical thinking?  Don’t think of it as a crutch.  It’s just another tool at your disposal when and where you choose to wield it.


About marcginsberg

I teach high school English in Athens, GA. I read graphic novels and catch live music whenever possible. I walk my dog Humphrey and kid myself that I'm a distance runner.
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4 Responses to What would John Dewey do?

  1. Russell Edwards says:

    I was amazed at my ability to wade through that complex Dewey quote- it’s almost as if if seemed fun because of the format. Like you tricked me to read complex stuff after midnight on a Monday!

  2. Dr. Harper says:

    This quote certainly seems to support creating a new image of literacy and literature – an image that includes traditional media and newer forms and modes.

    • Marc says:

      So what would you suggest, Dr. H?
      I’m most excited by the possibility of handheld devices being an additional option in addition to textbooks – or even replacing them altogether to save time, money, paper, and take power away from publishers who profit from designing textbooks as well as tests. Keep the supplemental novels, plays, and poetry anthologies … ditch the McGraw-Hill/Riverside/Glencoe monstrosities … It’s an initial investment that will save money over time.

      What else might encourage more motivation when it comes to reading and literacy?

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